Grimlands on Kickstarter - help making our dream reality!

Dear community,

you have probably seen the bad news: gamigo has decided not to continue the development of Grimlands. This decision was actually made and communicated to us a while ago... however, as one says, reports on our death are greatly exaggerated and we are not giving up!

Thanks to friends and family, DRAGO entertainment is still operational and we have started a Kickstarter project to finance the completion of Grimlands. The game has made a lot of progress over the past months and is planned to be released this year - if our Kickstarter is successful.

Please keep your fingers crossed and help spread the word! Your support is what counts to make Grimlands happen now!

Join us on Grimlands' Facebook page or use one of the banners on our Banner Page that will link directly to our Kickstarter project to spread the word.

The development team

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For press inquires, interviews and media related requests please don't hesitate to contact us at press@drago-entertainment.com.

What is Grimlands about?

Earth in a fictitious future. Twenty years after devastating earthquakes lay everything to waste, what remains of humanity is fighting hard for its survival. Those cities in the southwest United States that did not crumble in the quakes have been flattened in the bitter struggles for power that have ensued.
Roving bands of marauders, mutants and psychopathic robbers wander the streets, looking for trouble. In this inhospitable post-apocalyptic scenario there's only one goal: survival!
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What sets Grimlands apart?

Grimlands is putting third person perspective shooter action into a real MMORPG. The hybrid aiming system with auto and manual aiming satisfies the needs of fans of both genres. The cover system combined with sneaking and stealth opens unique gameplay options.

Further game features set new standards on the MMO market. Flexible skills make it possible to naturally improve character abilities by simply using them. Comprehensive crafting and vehicle systems offer vast opportunities for individualization. NPC AI is based on a far developed behavioral system that allows for tactical maneuvers of enemy teams. The dynamic game world with day-night and weather system can be influenced persistently by players actions.

Wide-ranged PvP features provide for long time player motivation. Besides traditional systems battlegrounds the territory fights and world objectives add much depth to the PvP side of this game.

Some of the features in Grimlands:

Flexible skill system: In comparison to traditional skill systems, players don‘t have to level up and distribute skill points among their skills. Unbound to a skill tree players are able to improve their skills by simply using them and with the removal of classes as skills are available to all players.

Innovative aiming system: Grimlands offers a hybrid aiming system that allows both for rough aiming of enemies by stats-based auto aiming and manual aiming of certain body parts with significantly higher damage rate. The system satisfies both the needs of traditional MMO fans and shooter players.

Comprehensive crafting system: The crafting system in Grimlands is comprehensive, yet simple. By examining objects, looting or trading players can gain construction plans and the resources required for crafting, upgrading or repairing. In addition items or their components can be recycled and the resources extracted again. Item slots make way for further extension of item functionality, like pointers on top of a rifle. With skill bound crafting qualities and item stats that can be set by players themselves the system allows for an almost unlimited number of unique items. With the best items being crafted by players and the auction house Grimlands offers a solid foundation for a strong player based economy.

Intelligent enemies: Players are confronted with enemies which perform strategic moves such as flanking from different sides, tactical usage of weapons, cover and retreat, focus fire etc.
grimlands player render
Modifiable vehicles: Various vehicles can be acquired with vast opportunities for further modification (basic vehicle parts such as engines and gearboxes as well as weapon mount points, tanks and containers). Not only will they let players reach destinations more quickly, but also allow for storage and multiplayer rides such as one player is a driver, the other a gunner. Fuel consumption and condition loss require regular maintenance. On top of that vehicles bring a whole new dimension to PvP.

Wide-ranging PvP features: duels, open world PvP, special PvP areas in the open world or war declarations between clans are just the beginning of what Grimlands has to offer when it comes to PvP. The territorial PvP system allows clans to conquer and control locations or even entire territories while players or groups can participate in instanced battlegrounds. Ranks, titles, special PvP gear or clan wide bonuses are among some of the rewards players can gain in PvP.
grimlands landscape