Terms and Conditions for services provided by electronic means
last update: 25 May 2018

1. These Terms and Conditions define the principles for use of the website available at the address www.drago-entertainment.com (hereinafter: the “Website”).
2. By using the Website, the user acknowledges and accepts the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and agrees to comply with them.
3. The Website is operated by DRAGO spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with registered offices at ul. Albańskiej 3, 30-662 Kraków, registered by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, 11th Economic Department with the number KRS 148749 with a share capital of 50.000,00 PLN (hereinafter: the “Company”). Regarding general matters, please contact us at: info@drago-entertainment.com.
4. The Website is a source of information on the Company and its operations. It is intended to publish information which must be made publicly available by the Company in the Internet, in compliance with applicable legislation. The Website is also a source of information on current events regarding the organisation and operations of the Company, including its components, operations, key products and services, and operational strategy. Unless clearly stated otherwise, the statements of moderators or any other persons associated with the operations of the Company are not to be understood as official statements from the Company.
5. The Company shall make every effort to ensure that information is collected and updated with appropriate care.

1. Via the Website, the Company provides the following services:
a) Newsletter – an informational bulletin sent to the user’s e-mail address concerning, among other things, the realisation of projects by the Company, for marketing and informational purposes, and on current and planned operations of the Company.
2. To receive the Company newsletter, the user provides his or her e-mail address and simultaneously accepts the Websites Privacy Policy and these Terms and Conditions. To stop receiving the newsletter, the user selects the “unsubscribe” or “sign off mailing list” option available at the bottom of every newsletter message sent.
3. All actions taken by the user within the Website should be compliant with commonly accepted norms of behaviour and the applicable provisions of law, in particular those which protect personal rights and copyright. The user is obliged not to submit content of an unlawful nature or content which may have a negative impact on the safe functioning of the Website or harm other users.
4. We use mailchimp as our newsletter provider. By subscribing, users acknowledge that their information will be processed using mailchimp for the purpose of the newsletter delivery.

1. The user is liable for:
a) materials, including posts and comments, published by the user on the Website
b) damages resulting from actions which do not comply with applicable legislation or the provisions of these Terms and Conditions
c) repercussions of decisions taken by the user based on information obtained by using the Website
2. The user is expected to be aware of the dangers which exist in the Internet, in particular the theft of passwords by third parties and infection of the user’s system with viruses, and of the damage which can occur as a result. The user is obliged to maintain passwords used for services provided on the Website in confidentiality.
3. The Company:
a) shall make every effort so that the use of the Website is in compliance with these Terms and Conditions, while at the same time informing users that problems with access to the Website may arise, in particular those caused by equipment, software, or networks which are not compliant with the requirements of these Terms and Conditions.
b) informs users that technical problems or technical imitations of the computer equipment used by the user may restrict or prevent the user’s access to the Website, and may also impact the quality of the experience of using the Website.
4. The Company is not liable for the contents of other WWW pages or Internet sites which are not under the ownership of the Company nor managed by the Company for which links have been provided on the Website.

1. Every user is entitled to the right to lodge a complaint in matters regarding the operation of the Website or forum. Claims should be made by electronic means at the address: privacy@drago-entertainment.com
2. Claims should include at the least the name of the forum user or e-mail address used during registration on the Website, a description of the concerns, and an indication of a proposed manner of resolution.
3. If an incomplete claim is received, the Company shall contact the sender with a request for supplementation with the necessary information.
4. The Company is required to respond to all claims promptly, no later than 14 days from receipt of the complete claim. The Company reserves the right to extend this deadline, by no longer than 10 days, if investigation of the claim requires non-standard, special action or measures or if obstacles beyond the control of and not the fault of the Company shall arise (e.g. a computer system failures or Internet failure).
5. Responses are sent only to the e-mail address provided by the user during registration on the Website. In exceptional circumstances, a response may be sent to another e-mail address provided by the person submitting the claim.

1. These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time, in particular if this is necessary to reflect the current situation or changes to the services provided by the Company by electronic means or in applicable legislation.
2. To obtain full information in the operation of the website, please familiarise yourself with the Privacy Policy made available in the Contact tab.