Prototyping gameplay mechanics and features, maintaining game related codebase, writing designer tools and working with designers, artists and marketing teams in creating fun and engaging experiences.

– 3 years of work experience in game development and 1 released title
– Good knowledge of UE4 Base Classes and Hierarchy
– Understanding of UE4 Actor Lifecycles and Event System
– Understanding blueprints to the point where you are able to port Blueprints to Code
– Ability to speak and understand English (International Team)
– Ability to follow established code guidelines and UE4 Coding Standard
– Good Encapsulation & Data Abstraction practices
– Good knowledge of Inheritance and Polymorphism concepts within UE4 Framework
– Writing maintanable code

Big +:
– Unreal Engine AI Behaviour System & EQS
– Unreal Engine based Networking & Multiplayer
– UMG and C++ Based UMG extensibility
– Good code architecture skills

We offer:
– Competitive salary options, based on experience and responsibilities.
– Personal freedom and opportunity to impact projects creatively
– Strong personal development path

If you are willing to join our team please send your application to: