This was likely the worst day of your life.

Your friends are missing, your equipment is scattered and your only means of keeping warm are basically torn to shreds.

Stranded in the middle of a snowy hell, you’ve no one to turn to but yourself. Your only objective? Survive. Through any means necessary. Scavenge, hunt, assemble and call for help – or die trying. The goal of Winter Survival is simple – call for rescue. The means of achieving this goal are not.

Loneliness is a bitter feeling, but its effect on the human psyche becomes that much worse when you’re stranded in an extreme environment.

Hurry, for your sanity wanes and your grip on reality becomes more and more tenuous as time goes on.
The worse you do when exposed to the wilderness, the more you will find your senses betraying you. The Sanity mechanic, unique from other survival games, will ensure that you are always on the edge of your seat.
Be wary of the growling in the dark – it might be just your head, or it might really be a pack of hungry wolves.