We all have our secrets – but some people’s secrets are far more valuable than the secrets of others. And you’re someone who is very willing to cash in on that need – after all, it takes so little to catch someone slip.

Become the paparazzi who will get any scoop they want, anywhere, through any means necessary. Sneak, prowl, wait, break in, bribe and get the shot worth millions. After all, dirt on some people is gold to others. Defamation has never been so exciting.

Sometimes, you’ll have a client to guide you in obtaining a certain scoop – otherwise, aim for the stars. Literally, and hopefully with good lens and proper focus.

A variety of sources are willing to pay an arm and leg to publish the hottest, most scandalous stories ahead of their competition. Sometimes, even police or other law forces will inquire about your services. And if all else fails – there’s always the good, old-fashioned blackmail.