One day, the world will end. But nobody thought that day to happen so soon.

Embark on a frigid survival adventure in a Russia you never knew. Lost and without memory, you have only a quiet voice over the radio to guide you.

Gather, scavenge and craft your way through a wide array of landscapes in a frozen apocalypse. Avoid treacherous forests and hills, dangerous animals and deadly… other things that made our world their new home. But be careful – you too are turning.

Your humanity can last only so long.

As you persist through the story, not only will you upgrade your skills from all walks of life, but also learn of what has transpired. Recover your memories, meet faces old and new. Figure out why did the world end. And why your life did not end on that day as well.

A story-driven, first person perspective, post-apocalyptic survival adventure set in the rough winter climates of last century’s Russia.

Key features:
• Unique character progression with zombification of the player character.
• Dynamic environment with fully dynamic weather, daytime and the game world itself.
• Story-driven survival with combat and exploration.
• Non-Intrusive, immersive winter survival mechanics with thirst, hunger, sleep, exhaustion, radiation, hyperthermia and diseases.
• Skill system with skills being leveled depending on actions you perform.
• Talents and perks to further develop your character.
• Scavenging, gathering and crafting.
• Building system.
• An upgradeable mobile base of operations able to travel along the many rivers.
• Rock climbing and scaling of obstacles for more freedom of movement.
• A full fledged hunting, fishing, camping and cooking system.
• Non-verbal storytelling in addition to a fully voiced story line.
• Large variety of gear upgradeable via crafting.