Starting a business in the middle of nowhere? With just a little elbow grease, that can be more lucrative than you’d think.

Kick-off your own desert enterprise.

Renovate, decorate and manage your own gas station – take care of customers and ensure that the business still stands at the end of the day, no matter what happens. When your shift ends, relax by participating in a variety of minigames purely for your own amusement.

Gas Station Simulator allows you to live out a fantasy of successfully starting a business from virtually nothing. 

Engage in the management life, consisting of:

• Renovating your station from a derelict to fully functioning service.
• Engaging minigames simulating both the various tasks around the station.
• Maintaining the station’s hygiene and appearance to attract more customers.
• Employee management and optimization of their work.
• Monitoring deliveries and replenishing the assortment.
• Dealing with all manner of random events that may come to make your life more difficult – or more rewarding.
• Family feuds as you compete with your Uncle in a rewarding storyline of your unexpected big success at business.