Life just isn’t fair, and where the long arm of the law fails to reach it’s up to people like you to take matters in their own hands. But not necessarily your own matters.

Play the role of a private investigator and take on a truly wide array of cases ranging from suspicions of theft to abandoned, unsolved cases of murder. You’re the person who won’t shy away from any case – no matter how difficult or obscure it might be.

An investigator’s job is no piece of cake. Get ready to utilise any tool and all the wit at your disposal.

• Track and follow your target – bug them, eavesdrop, put together clues to where they might be or where they might be headed to.
• Survey and seek weaknesses – information is unlikely to come from your target directly, so it’s up to you to figure out when they’re absent or otherwise vulnerable.
• Disguise – be like a shadow, leave no sign of your presence, but take everything you need.
• Compile and deduce – with all the information at your disposal, it’s up to you to connect the dots and pronounce the target guilty or innocent.