Airports are stressful.
Long queues, weight limits on luggage, even longer lists of prohibited items and delays on top of delays.

It’s all extremely complicated – but have you ever wondered how does it look from the other side. Airport Contraband puts you in the shoes of a security worker at a variety of airports around the world. Now it’s your turn to manage the long queue of unverified passengers, check the limits on every piece of luggage and search for contraband high and low – hopefully without causing a delay.

Sounds like a lot?
That’s because security work it’s not a piece of cake.

All the regulations exist as tools to help you spot, secure and contain any and all contraband you may come across. And you will find that many troublemakers are crafty beyond all belief.
Inspect large and small aircrafts, take apart equipment to search every nook and cranny, thoroughly shift through all manner of luggage to find even the most nefariously (or hilariously) disguised contraband.