He first became involved with the video game sector in the early 1990s, when he worked with the company xLand to develop such games as Electro Body or Heartlight. Having worked on level and game design for a few years, he joined the then leading Polish game distributor –  TopWare – where he saw multiple projects – both games and applications –  to completion. From 1996 onwards he focussed entirely on games, placing special emphasis on his two brainchildren: Jack Orlando and EARTH 2140.

In 1998, he made up his mind to  dedicate himself to his real passion, i.e. working to devise an innovative approach to game design, which ultimately led to his decision to leave TopWare and co-found DRAGO Entertainment. Over the years he worked on more than 20 projects; he had designed most of those projects himself and the other project drew on or were based on his initial concepts and projects.