What happened in the past... - 15/08/17

Dear Others,
As most of you know, there has been not much happening around Otherland in the past 12 months, at least when looking at it from outside.
I’d like to explain to you what has caused the break in communication and updates and outline how things are going to change looking forward.

To understand the past of Otherland, it is important to know the entities involved in this project.
Otherland is owned by a group of investors who have been with the project ever since it has been created at the RealU studio. When RealU closed its doors, the investors decided to look to hire a developer who would continue the development of the game. This is where we at DRAGO came in.

DRAGO entertainment has been hired to continue the development. Everything else like handling press, PR, community management or support has been tasked by the investors to other third parties. We were however free to engage with the community early on when Otherland arrived on Steam in Early Access as well as free to help out with support. This however had to cease the moment a publisher came on board.

Shortly after the soft launch of Otherland as a free-to-play game in September 2016, the publisher decided to hold back on most releases and information in preparation for a major relaunch planned for June this year.
The game not being relaunched as planned has seen the investors sit down with the publisher to voice their concerns and to keep a long story short, it has been decided that the investors will continue Otherland on their own and here is where things are becoming really interesting.

From now on, we as developers have full creative control over the project and will also take over support and community management immediately and being free to decide which direction to take.

Additionally, DRAGO acquired a stake in Otherland further distancing us from the previous “developer for hire” position allowing us to not only be even more motivated, but also have a voice in future decisions regarding Otherland together with the investors.
A stake in the project and creative control are major factors that will profoundly influence Otherland going forward. What this explicitly means is that we are free to develop what the community asks for or where we as developers want to take the game next.

Starting this week, we will return to the community and soon you’ll notice some familiar names here. Over the next few weeks we will also outline the next steps in the development after the massive update to the game that we just released.

It’s so good to be back…