New Launch Date: 10.09.2015 - 27/08/15

Dear Others,
we are happy to announce our new launchdate for the Early Access on Steam: September 10th! As mentioned before this gives us additional time to prepare US and EU based servers, add further territories and fix more bugs (although we'll make sure to leave some for you to find - just kidding). To make the wait a bit easier we are releasing a second Feature Video in which Producer Erik Simon shows you some gameplay from the different Worlds and gives some info on their backstory.
We are truly thankful for your continued support and hope to see you soon in the Multiverse!

Early Access launch a bit later - 26/08/15

Dear Others, our original release date is supposed to be now! I have good news and bad news for you. Original date? Yes, this is the bad news so let's start with this first:
We will unfortunately not be able to meet our target date of August 26th. There are many reasons for that, one of them being the decision to set up US servers simultaneously, as this has been requested so many times over the last couple of days. The team simply could use more time to polish the game and get rid of bugs that have come up over the weekend.
Now the good news is: not only will we have US-based servers (in addition to the Germany-based ones) available from the beginning, but you will also get a better game. As a small present we will release another Feature video this week, showing gameplay from the different worlds, along with a new release date!
We know this decision will sadden some of you and believe us, we have not taken it lightly. We appreciate your support and hope to see you soon in the game!
It won't be long now...

Steam Early Access - 20/08/2015

The “reboot” is almost complete: Nearly two years after the transition of the Otherland project from now defunct studio RealU, new developer DRAGO Entertainment is putting the finishing touches on the ambitious Action MMORPG. Almost feature- and content complete, now it is up to the community to test the game in in-depth, provide feedback and thus shape the final product that is to be released early next year. After two CBTs we decided against the traditional OBT phase and instead go Early Access on Steam because it allows us to better involve the community into the polishing process”, comments Lucjan Mikociak, CEO of DRAGO Entertainment. “We have come a long way since taking on the project, but there is only so much a small independent developer can do – with the feedback from the community and early sales, we are making sure Otherland launches when it is fully ready.”
Despite being in Early Access, Otherland is one of the most advanced titles on the service, a far cry from the Pre-Alpha Versions often put up for sale. Most of the unique features – starting with the eDNA System that allows users to “collect and clone” items and even NPCs up to the Housing and PVP systems – have been fully implemented. Others, such as the extensive Clan Land and Clan War Features are far along in development and will be added soon. Further content updates such as new worlds filled with quests, additional battlegrounds and minigames are planned for the upcoming months, taking community feedback into account. Revenues derived from Early Access will flow right back into development, allowing for additional time to balance, optimize and polish the game before the intended Release in early 2016.