The fascinating multiverse of Tad Williams’ critically acclaimed Otherland novels transformed into a full scale MMORPG with a new storyline.

The multiverse of Otherland: Next consists of a multitude of game worlds ranging from SciFi to Medieval with an incredible diversity in environments paired with gorgeous graphics delivered by the Unreal Engine.

The idea behind Otherland is a virtual network of simulated worlds with something for everyone, ranging from the futuristic Lambda Mall, the medieval 8Squared, a steampunk-oriented Mars or the Asia-themed 5Isle.

Become part of the Otherland network and experience these story-rich worlds by helping their inhabitants fight the NeoGrail set on their destruction.

Otherland: Next features a wide range of mechanics and activities such as challenges, dungeons, PvP battlegrounds, trading, player housing or guild areas just to mention a few.

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