DRAGO entertainment company was established in 1998 in Cracow.
We are highly experienced and motivated team, which is concentrated on computer games production and its development for the PC platform.


The company DRAGO sp. z o. o. was established in the year 1998. Its founder was Adam Mikociak, who had acquired many years’ experience and hands-on knowledge working for TopWare – a Polish video game studio, where he also held a leadership position. Adam’s experience and skills allowed the Company to expand and continue to deliver, for a number of years, innovative projects which were mostly funded by international game publishers. Games produced and published by Drago included such best sellers as Oil Tycoon 2, Cold Zero-The last Stand, Vulture, which were expected to allow the Company to spread its wings and launch its own innovative products onto the market.

However, due to unfavourable market conditions, the Company decided to temporarily put its plans on hold and suspend development of new products, and instead focussed its efforts on improving the team and investing in company development, while also seeking funding from new investors. The decision proved to be right as it allowed the Company to build and train a professional and creative team who were fully committed, and keen to take up new challenges faced by the Company. It was also then that a range of plans were developed the most interesting of which have reached an advanced stage of implementation.

The year 2018 has brought multiple changes and challenges for Drago. The Company welcomed aboard Polish game development community legends, active in the sector for over 20 years as well as finance and management professionals and game enthusiasts: Aleksy Uchański, Maciej Miąsik, Jakub Trzebiński, Mateusz Zawadzki, Mateusz Wcześniak – the president and founder of the Movie Games SA, which has been experiencing rapid growth since 2016.

In the near future the Company also plans to unveil to players all over the world the new products that it has developed over the past few years. The first of the new series of products DRAGO intends to release is an in-house developed game called Treasure Hunter.






From 1977, for a period of 25 years, she worked in the largest manufacturing plant in Central and Eastern Europe, where she was responsible for conceptual and design work as well as provision of training for the several thousand-strong workforce. The tasks she was charged with enabled her to develop her organisational and communication competencies. She joined Drago Entertainment in the year 2001. Thanks to her determination, coupled with an array of skills, she was able to efficiently manage the Company as Management Board president for 9 years. In 2013 she decided to allow another associate to take the helm, but she is still actively involved with the Company, supporting it with her experience and IT sector expertise.


He first became involved with the video game sector in the early 1990s, when he worked with the company xLand to develop such games as Electro Body or Heartlight. Having worked on level and game design for a few years, he joined the then leading Polish game distributor –  TopWare – where he saw multiple projects – both games and applications –  to completion. From 1996 onwards he focussed entirely on games, placing special emphasis on his two brainchildren: Jack Orlando and EARTH 2140.

In 1998, he made up his mind to  dedicate himself to his real passion, i.e. working to devise an innovative approach to game design, which ultimately led to his decision to leave TopWare and co-found DRAGO Entertainment. Over the years he worked on more than 20 projects; he had designed most of those projects himself and the other project drew on or were based on his initial concepts and projects.